Little Shop of Horrors

Director – Claire Lilley
Musical Director – John Stevens
Stage Manager – Marian Savill

Seymour – Billy Garner
Audrey – Eleanor Pettet
Crystal – Amy Carter
Ronette – Kerry Casey
Chiffon – Ellie Savill
Sharelle – Jenna Hawkins
Chantal – Della-Marie Reed
Orin – Martin Lightburn
Mr Mushnik – Stewart Bettles
Wino 1 – Derek Wisbey
Voice of Audrey II – Adrian Casey
Puppeteer – Hannah Furlong

Quotes from audience members:
“Audrey II is worth the ticket price alone, absolutely fantastic show last night.”
“… brilliant! Extremely talented cast with excellent music and the stage props were amazing!”
“This production was amazing! Audrey the plant in all her phases of development was simply amazing. Voices fantastic, staging and choreography superb. What a fabulous way to start the Easter weekend!”
“What a great way to spend a Friday evening. Great show. We enjoyed it all – music was great and the harmonies fantastic. Who needs to go to London to be entertained. Wouldn’t be fair to single out individuals – you all worked so hard and made it an evening to remember.”
“Wow what a great show, thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done to everyone.”
“Went to see March Am Dram and Operatic Society production of Little Shop of Horrors last night. This production was amazingly good, way beyond the standard you might expect from a local set of players with a tight budget. if you’ve seen the film it was as good as that. Highly highly recommend a superbly produced musical for just £12 a ticket. Outstanding night out in March.”

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